When it comes to modern film auteurs, Quentin Tarantino's sitting in the back of the theater, applauding at what's happening in cinema while knowing he has been cooking crack since the early '90s, barely staggering. Seriously: Even his "worst" films still get "B" ratings on CinemaScore. His visual stew, which mixes hefty doses of pop culture references alongside homages to the genre flicks that he grew up loving, has helped Tarantino craft one of the most stellar feature filmographies in the modern era.

With Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood's release in 2019, the inevitable debate has arisen: Which Tarantino flick is the illest? This is the guy who's not only reinvented what popular culture wanted from cinema but refined his approach with every new flick. He may pull from the films of yesteryear, but he's also influenced a generation (or two), with tomorrow's filmmakers possibly not even realizing how much of their style he authored. He's that damn good.

With the credits out of the way, here's our ranking of Tarantino's best films.