Quality Control’s TV and film arm has reached a co-production deal with Trioscope Studios that will see both sides combine to put together a TV series, according to Deadline

Trioscope Studios is the company that animates the parts of the Netflix mini-series war drama The Liberator by combining live-action actors and CGI. As for Quality Control, that’s the Atlanta-based label whose roster on the music side includes Lil Yachty, City Girls, Lil Baby and Migos, among others.

In addition to those artists, it also represents NFL players such as Alvin Kamara and D’Andre Swift.

Deadline reports that the first joint project between the two will be “a horror series about the African American struggle in America based on a graphic novel.” The deal will also feature projects that combine the animation techniques of Trioscope with Quality Control-represented artists/athletes. 

Quality Control’s film division, named Quality Films, has produced past projects that include the five-part YouTube Series City Girls – The Series, as well as the Instagram Live series Mastery. It’s also working along with Mattel Films to put out a movie franchise based on the card game Uno that will see Lil Yachty serve as both a producer and the star. 

As is the norm, statements were released alongside the news. 

“We are excited to partner with the Trioscope team and technology to tell unique and compelling stories that speak to every facet of the Black experience. This is what Quality Films is all about,” Quality Control co-founder Kevin ‘Coach K’ Lee said.

“We’re prioritizing opportunities that redefine how our animated drama platform can shape how stories are experienced,” added Trioscope head L.C. Crowley. “Quality Control has revolutionized the music industry and influenced American pop culture monumentally; through our partnership, we’ll create a unique fusion of culture and animation to take television to the next level.”