Fresh off his first Oscar win, Daniel Kaluuya headed to the press room with a golden statue in hand to answer questions. He talked about what winning in the Best Supporting Actor category for his role as Fred Hampton in Judas and the Black Messiah meant to him and the significance behind it all. His acceptance speech at the ceremony also raised some eyebrows from people in the audience, social media users, and especially his mom. “My mom, my dad. They had sex! It’s amazing, I’m here. I’m so happy to be alive,” the actor said. Kaluuya was asked about that in the press room and the reporter said the actor’s speech will go down in “infamy.” The actor seemed confused by the response. “Is that going to live on? I think that’s pretty obvious that our parents had sex,” he said. “It just came out of my mouth. My mom is probably going to text me some stuff but here we are.” Kaluuya laughed along but that quickly turned into regret, adding: “I shouldn’t have said that, fuck!”

During his acceptance speech, he also gave a shout-out to his costars and the rest of the cast and crew. “I share this honor with the gift that is LaKeith Stanfield, the light that is Dominique Fishback. The incredible cast and crew,” he said. “It’s so incredible to look around you and you’re inspired not only by what they do but who they are.” 

Complex was then called on to ask a question in the press room. 

COMPLEX: “Congratulations on this win. I wanted to ask you how important it was for you to share this award with the cast but especially with LaKeith since you were nominated in the same category?”

KALUUYA: “I mean, it’s a team effort, you know? We did this together so, again, I share this honor with every single member of the cast and crew.”

One reporter asked Kaluuya what it meant to be directed by Regina King, likely confusing him with Leslie Odom Jr., who was nominated for his supporting role in One Night in Miami…, which King directed. The actor, who absolutely didn’t have to, gave her another opportunity to reframe her question and she left out King’s name during her second try. It is a lot of pressure and you’re under a time constraint as a reporter so mistakes do happen, but confusing two actors who are both at the height of their careers seems a bit careless. Even though it was possibly one of the biggest nights of his career, Kaluuya handled this so well so props to him. Watch the moment below: