Squid Game, a runaway critical and commercial megahit for Netflix, is at the center of legal action taken by a Seoul-based telecommunications company.

The suit focuses on the surge in traffic spurred by the Hwang Dong-hyuk series, with another Netflix hit—Han Jun-hee’s D.P.—also receiving a mention. According to a Reuters report, internet service provider SK Broadband has sued the streamer in an effort to get them to cover costs from increased network traffic “and maintenance work” due to a boom in viewership.

In a statement to Variety on Monday, a rep for Netflix reaffirmed their aim of a “collaborative relationship” between content providers and ISPs.

“We are investing heavily in bringing great K-content to our audiences around the world,” a spokesman said. “Despite ongoing litigation, we will continue to seek open dialogue with SK Broadband so consumers can continue to enjoy high-quality content streaming at fast speeds.”

Previously, a court in Seoul determined that Netflix should provide something in exchange for network usage. Additionally, lawmakers in South Korea have been critical of those who don’t pay for such usage when their content is resulting in a traffic boom.