Michael Blackson and another one of Philadelphia’s adopted sons might have a beef to squash. 

During a recent Breakfast Club appearance, the comedian shared a story in which Sixers star Ben Simmons, who he didn’t mention directly by name, tried to get with the comedian’s partner, Rada. At the 10:07-minute mark, Blackson claimed that he introduced Simmons to his girlfriend during Super Bowl weekend in Miami, after which point Rada noticed that Simmons was in her DMs. 

“I didn’t even approach him about it, I just lost all respect for him,” the comedian said around the interview’s 12-minute mark. “At the time, he knew that was my girl.”

Blackson appeared to tweet about the incident in June. 

“Instead of trying to shoot his shot at his friend’s women in their dms he should be trying to shoot free throws, now he shot himself out of Philly.” he wrote.