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UPDATED 7/23, 2:30 p.m. ET: Just two weeks after receiving a llama as a birthday present from fellow comedian Nick CannonKevin Hart has started a prank war.

Hart took to Instagram on Thursday to share his move, showcasing Cannon’s cellphone number on a billboard with a message soliciting parenting advice. The sign reads, “For any advice on fatherhood? Call my best friend Nick Cannon.”

“Since my brother @nickcannon decided to buy me a lama for my B Day I decided to do something nice for him as well….Here is a digital billboard in Los Angeles,” he captioned a picture of the billboard. “I also did some in ATL & NY….if u want any advice on fatherhood please call my BEST FRIEND @nickcannon ….I’m sure his phone has been ringing nonstop 😂😂😂😂😂😂 GOTCHA BACK BITCH #PRANKWARS”

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In celebration of his 42nd birthday, Kevin Hart took to Instagram on Friday to share a hilarious video clip showing fans his birthday gift from fellow comedian Nick Cannon.

The video sees a llama and two animal handlers hanging out by the pool in Hart’s backyard.

“Since I’m having all these new kids, I thought I would bless you with a new one as well,” said one of the handlers, while reading out a message from Cannon. “Save the drama for your llama. Happy birthday.”

“Nick Cannon sent a llama to my house for my birthday. This is the most childish shit I’ve ever seen in my life,” Hart laughs. “This is extremely childish and I don’t understand his point.”

Vowing revenge, Hart warned Cannon to expect a rare gift on his next birthday. 

“Nick Cannon you have out done yourself this time buddy. Birthday war pranks are on and I swear to God you have no idea what you’re in store for. I’m gonna send a fuckin orangutang to you!”

A second post shows pictures of Hart with the llama, as the comedian walks it around his backyard.

“@nickcannon has to be one of the biggest assholes on the planet 😂😂😂😂….this jackass sent a Lama to my house for my B Day 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Love u man. My brother for life,” Hart captioned the photo.