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For today’s must-watch video, we have Katt Williams—currently in the middle of his World War III tour—joining the Ebro in the Morning crew for a 40-minute discussion stacked with insights both comedic and deftly serious.

Near the top of the interview, the inimitable comedian reflected on the still-in-progress pandemic before moving on to other issues of note, including his 2018 Emmy win for his acclaimed appearance on an episode of Donald Glover’s Atlanta.

“Do you want to know the hidden, real, amazing gem of it?” Williams said around 16 minutes into the interview. “Why did he win the Emmy, though? He won the Emmy because what that guy was saying is what they’ve been wanting that guy to say. They wanted to see that guy like that. That’s how they wanted to see him in: a dirty wifebeater, in an old robe. And we wanted him to apologize and say I’m sorry. That’s what we would like.”

Asked if this meant he wasn’t fond of the episode, titled “Alligator Man,” Williams noted that this wasn’t what he meant at all.

“I don’t find it gross in any way,” he said. “I’m sorry if I put it out there like that. I didn’t mean it like that. I just understood what it was. … [Donald Glover] told me I was going to win the Emmy before I saw the script to the point where I told him I don’t need to see the script, I’ll just be there. So what I’m saying is, none of it was accidental.”

Adding to that, Williams noted he wasn’t “the impetus” for the win, as the Emmy was already his to lose.

Later, around 22 minutes into the Ebro chat, Williams was asked for his thoughts on so-called “cancel culture,” a topic he previously addressed by comparing the act of being canceled as a necessity not unlike speed limits. This time around, Williams was asked to give advice to younger comedians in connection with this facet of modern life.