Amid rumors of an affair, Good Morning America hosts Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes have shut down their Instagram accounts.

The pair closed their respective social media accounts on Wednesday after photos of them holding hands l at a bar together in upstate New York surfaced online, People reports.
Robach is still married to actor Andrew Shue, while 45-year-old Holmes is married to attorney Marilee Fiebig.

Both couples are rumored to have ended their marriages in August, not too long after Robach and Shue shared a photo together from Athens, Greece on July 30. Both couples married in 2010.

“There were rumors they were having an affair about a year ago,” a source at the Good Morning America team told People. “A lot of people believed there might have been some truth to it, because you can see there’s a mutual affection there. But everyone ultimately chalked it up to friendship because they always said they were both happily married.” 

In one of Holmes’ last posts on Instagram, he shared a photo from his dressing room with an excerpt that alluded to the end of a relationship. “End the relationship and cry once,” the excerpt read. “It’s better than being with them and crying daily.”

US Weekly also reports that Shue and Robach listed their property in September, which went off the market for a sale over $5 million last month. The couple purchased the three-bedroom home in 2018. 

Neither Robach or Holmes have addressed the rumors regarding their off-screen romance.