In an episode of The Ben Shapiro Show released on Sunday, Gina Carano, whose recent headlines these days all revolve around Disney firing her from The Mandalorian due to a controversial social media post, said that she learned the writing was on the wall when she would eventually be dismissed through an email that was accidentally sent her way

As she puts it, Carano was tipped off by a message inadvertently sent to her by Disney officials in which they discussed the #FireGinaCarano hashtag that first popped up last year. “They accidentally sent me an email, which was very enlightening, so I knew. I knew they were paying attention. I know there were some people who went to bat for me, but I know that they didn’t win out at the end,” she told the host. Carano also said she didn’t get confirmation that she’d been fired until she saw the news on social media. 

The post that ended Carano’s run with the company saw her comparing Republicans in contemporary society to Jews during the Holocaust. Carano told Shapiro that she didn’t think the post would ignite the controversy it did, and also adds that her intent was misunderstood. According to IndieWire she claimed to be “inspired by the gentle spirit of the Jewish people going through that time.” She added, “When I posted that it wasn’t something that I felt was controversial. It was something that I thought, well, maybe all of us need to ask ourselves how that happened.”

She also went on to take issue with media outlets’ framing of the story, saying “I’ve got every single big publication saying she’s comparing conservatives and Republicans to this and that’s not really what I was doing... I have love for everyone; I’m not a hateful person”

In the interview she also claimed that the studio that let her go picked favorites based upon the politics of its stars. 

“They’ve been all over me and they’ve been watching me like a hawk, and I’m watching people on the same production and they can say everything they want, and that’s where I had a problem. I had a problem because I wasn’t going along with the narrative,” she said.

If you’ve been keeping up with this story at all, you’re aware the choice of venue for this interview is no coincidence. Carano signed a movie deal with The Daily Wire, a rightwing site, after she was fired by Disney. On the surface that sounded like a confusing development (Daily Wire movies?), but we’ll see. Shapiro is the “editor emeritus” for The Daily Wire. You can watch the full interview here.