When Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears began dating, it seemed like a match made in music heaven. They were the prince and princess of pop, but it all came crashing down when they split up. Rumors circulated that the “Gimme More” singer had been unfaithful, which caused the breakup. When Timberlake shared his story through his song “Cry Me A River,” which was about his girlfriend being unfaithful, people began to blame his ex for their collapse. He made it a point to incriminate her in the relationship’s demise by casting a model who looked like his ex in the music video.

He also did an interview post-breakup in which he coyly confirmed that he had slept with the singer after she had publicly vowed to wait until marriage to lose her virginity. It all made it seem like Spears was the “bad guy” in the situation, and it began to chip away at the good girl image she and her team had perfectly crafted over the years. Following their split, the media then began to follow Spears’ every move regarding the men she was seeing and painted a picture that she was no longer the sweet, innocent girl she was while dating the former NSYNC member.