When: Dec. 1, 2015

One scene from a 2015 appearance the rapper did on the ABC show Fresh Off the Boat has made the rounds on social media for years and continues to surface since his death. DMX played himself on Episode 9 of the sitcom’s second season, titled “We Done Son.” At one point, DMX tries to explain romance and love to the main character, Eddie Huang (Hudson Yang), who is working for the rapper part-time. Fans screengrabbed the moment the rapper describes the proper way to take care of orchids and then turned that into a teachable moment of how people should treat each other.

In the scene, the rapper is admiring the orchids and says: “When I first started growing orchids, I thought they needed the most expensive soil and lights to blossom. They died. That’s when I realized that all they really needed was time and attention. You don’t need to get your girl a gift. You need to give her your time.” What a message.