Finally: Kendrick Lamar Covering "Shake It Off" and Taylor Swift Rapping "Backseat Freestyle"

Taylor really might be king right now.

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This may be the best week of Taylor Swift's life. Her new album, 1989, moved 1.2 million copies in its first week and Kendrick Lamar is a fan of her single, "Shake It Off." During a recent interview with Fader, Kendrick praised the single and to prove he wasn't just playing around, he sang the hook perfectly.

The respect between the two is mutual though, as Swift stated in a past interview that she loves Kendrick's "Backseat Freestyle" (watch the epic Vine of her rapping it below) because it helps her feel awesome. All that's left for Kendrick and T Swift? A mega-collaboration in the near future, of course.


UPDATE: It appears that Kendrick really, really likes "Shake It Off," as this morning he dropped by the DeDe In The Morning Show and spit a few lines over the beat. Take a listen below.


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