D.L. Hughley and Mo’Nique are still going back-and-forth on social media over a contract dispute claim that Mo’Nique made during a stand-up set last week. 

Over the weekend, as the two kept going at it over Mo’Nique’s claims that her contract for the Comedy Explosion in Detroit stipulated she would be the headliner, they both decided to get transparent by posting contracts from the event. As previously reported, Mo’Nique claimed that she was supposed to be the “last motherfucking person on the got damn stage,” but things didn’t work out that way.

Hughley pointed to the lineup order on the ticket stub as proof that her assertion wasn’t true, and she then asked him to “show your contract or be quiet.” Since then, their IG pages have been flooded with contractual lingo over who was actually supposed to headline the event.

First, Hughley offered up his “Deal Memo” from the event, which states that he was the “highest paid artist on show,” was able to get “approval of lineup and running order of show,” and was listed as the headliner. In his Instagram post, he wrote that if he had a problem with his contract, he “damn sure wouldn’t make it personal.”

“If you have a problem, take it up with management and by that I mean yours,” Hughley wrote. 

In response, Mo’Nique posted her contract to Instagram, showing her “performance agreement”—as opposed to the “deal memo” that Hughley posted—and argued that she’s “sure your team would have advised you against trying to pass a deal memo off as a contract.” She also shared some emails from those in charge of the event, implying that set times may have changed when she arrived at the theater. 

“And, just so you know the promoter already told my team before the show that you didn’t have a signed agreement, that’s why I’m not surprised you’re using a deal memo,” Mo’Nique wrote. “That said maybe they lied and you actually have a contract. If so the promoters have put themselves in a terrible position to have more legal action taken against them, beyond malicious concealment for breaking the contract at the last second. That said, D.L. we the people will be waiting for your signed agreement.”

Well, Hughley also delivered, but instead of sharing his own performance agreement to Instagram just hours later, he analyzed the other comedian’s. In the latest post, he pointed to “HICK’S MEDIA INC” listed on Mo’Nique’s contract, and claimed it was “submitted from your own company.”

“Now explain to me how my shit was delivered on and yours wasn’t?” Hughley added. “Sounds to me like your problem is with ‘Hicks Media Inc.’ Can we please implement the 3 knockdown rule?”