The latest special is designed as a “closer” of sorts for the comedian’s series of Netflix specials. Featured in those previous specials, of course, are additional comments aligned with transphobic messaging.

In 2017’s Equanimity, for example, Chappelle referenced a fan letter in which disappointment was expressed over prior transphobic comments. But this was followed in the same special by a questioning of what Chappelle believed was the heightened attention on trans issues.

Also in 2017, Vulture ran a piece on the first night of Chappelle’s 16-show Radio City Music Hall residency, notably pointing out that the comedian “almost exclusively talked about trans issues” for the first 20 minutes of the set. Here’s more, from Jesse David Fox:

“Chappelle didn’t come off as a free-speech fire starter or an inflammatory punk trying to get a rise out of people. He just sounded old and out of touch, a fact that he touched on very briefly throughout the set, but not enough.”

This approach continues on The Closer, although it’s difficult to determine what the point of any of it is from an artistic standpoint.