Fortnite has been around since 2017. It’s now available in 3 modes; Fortnite: Save the World, Fortnite Battle Royale and Fortnite Creative.  The developers gave us something we’ve been craving for—an event based around the mysterious island itself and the “Doomsday Device,” which wrecked the Agency and turned the everpresent Storm into a massive Tsunami.

The last time we had a map altering live event was on October 13, 2019; a black hole formed in the center of the map, which sucked up the entire universe (menu interfaces and all) into the virtual ether. If you logged into the game, you were greeted by the sight of a black screen with a black hole in its center. This directly led into Chapter 2 Season 1, which gave us the current map we’re still playing on

These live events are highly attended, and the developers use them as a way of drawing in new players and giving experienced players some narrative mystery to chew on.

Here is every major Fortnite live event, ranked from least awesome to most awesome.