On October 13, Epic Games ended Fortnite's Season 10 with a live event; a black hole formed in the center of the map, which sucked up the entire universe (menu interfaces and all) into the virtual ether. If you logged into the game, you were greeted by the sight of a black screen with a black hole in its center. All of the game's social media accounts piggy-backed on the gimmick, and showed the same image. What was going on? Was this the end of Fortnite?

A day and a half later, we got our answer; the game was back, with a brand new Chapter 2: Season 1 and a new map to explore; there's a lot more water this time around, and there's dumpsters and haystacks to hide inside. This is the best time to get into Fortnite if you haven't already. Better to discover the new map's secrets along with everyone else, instead of playing an endless game of catchup.

As a PR tactic, this was a rousing success. But for Fortnite, it was not a new tactic. The developers have used multiple live events as a way of drawing in new players and giving experienced players some narrative mystery to chew on.

Here is every major Fortnite live event, ranked from least awesome to most awesome.