For some, the decade of the ‘90s feels as if it just happened. However, it was a time long, long ago, before the internet exploded and iPhones became an extension of your body. Life was more relaxed, it was a simpler time. Sitting on the couch in your JNCO jeans watching Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and bumping Biggie on the radio. Or hanging in your denim overalls—one strap down, one pant leg up, watching MTV music videos for the whole afternoon. Those were the days, when technology was just a pager, and patience was still a virtue.

So what was everyone sipping during these years? Classic ‘90s drink ads included supermodel Cyndi Crawford starring in the famous 1992 Superbowl commercial, looking sexy as hell, drinking an ice cold Coca Cola.

While we all remember the ‘90s, we may have forgotten some of the best beverages that went along with the decade. So we took the honor of compiling them for you. Just grab something cold and sit back; let’s reminisce on your lunchbox days and high school parties. Whether you were sippin’ a soda pop, juice, or something a little stronger, this throwback list is for you.

You may even find that some of your favorite 90’s drinks have made a comeback. Which ones have been dusted off and put back on the shelf you say? One major beverage company that pledged to bring “Zomething back” to us was Miller Coors.

As of this summer, July 2017, the once popular Zima was re-release for a limited time. Their announcement featured a dated old school website and a hilarious ‘90s Zima Ad. In memory of old times, go hunt down this refreshing drink and pour a little out for drink homies that didn’t quite make the cut here: these are the best 90s drinks.