“Not all your actions define you. I’ve said it before, good people are forced to do bad things,” the actor says. “The question is, like, if you got a starving family, if you go steal some fucking apple off an orchard to fucking save your family, does that make you a bad person for stealing an apple or a good person for taking after your family? It’s not black and white.” Fez isn’t a bad person, he’s just someone in an unfortunate situation, kind of like most of the characters on Euphoria. What he does for a living doesn’t change the fact that he’s compassionate and good-natured, and ready to protect and defend his people when he needs to. 

Fezco has been continuously looking out for everyone, giving people the shirt off his back, feeding them and housing them when they’re in need. He has allowed Faye (Chloe Cherry) to stay in his home as she evades the police, but as Episode 6 showed, that could soon backfire. Faye’s boyfriend Custer (Tyler Chase) tells her that the cops are after Fez and Ashtray for Mouse’s death, but there’s no indication that she’s going to share that information with them. Not to mention, even Rue tried stealing from him in Episode 5. I ask Cloud if his character’s compassion could end in his demise and he says: “I mean, it’s definitely possible. You have to be careful with who you let into your heart and who you trust.”