You Can Now Buy a Life-Sized Snorlax Bean Bag Chair

If Pokemon Go isn't IRL enough for you.

Image via ThinkGeek

People have been saying that Pokemon Go is like Pokemon in real life. But it’s not really. Yeah, you go out into the ‘real world’ to find them, but you don’t actually get a physical real Bulbasaur or anything, do you? We want a pet Pikachu by our side, or to ride across an ocean on a Gyarados. Is that too much to ask?

But there’s hope: ThinkGeek have unveiled their new product, a life sized Snorlax bean bag chair. At nearly four ft tall and over two ft across you can now fulfil your dream of snuggling up to a giant Snorlax. It’ll set you back $149.99, and you can pre-order now for December delivery. Just don’t leave it blocking the road, ok?

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