'The Office' Meets 'Making a Murderer' in Parody That Suspects Toby Is the 'Scranton Strangler'

The parody was posted to the official YouTube account of ‘The Office.’

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The official YouTube account for The Office has released a hilarious parody video.

The 10-minute clip remakes Netflix's famed series Making a Murderer for their own spoof dubbed Making a Strangler. But instead of following Steven Avery's wrongful conviction of sexual assault and attempted murder, it paints the series character, Toby Flenderson (played by Paul Lieberstein), as the fictional "Scranton Strangler."

Although there isn't any new footage, the editors pieced together clips of the series as several characters refer to the infamous killer including Dwight's numerous plans to catch the strangler and the chase scene where the strangler's car drove across the Dunder Mifflin office. After he's caught,  Toby ends up being called to serve as one of the jurors on the trial. Later, it's revealed that the alleged strangler is being sentenced to death but Toby thinks that the man might be innocent.

Steve Carell's character notably hated Toby in the series and wasn't afraid to make it known. (He even gave him the "extreme repulsiveness award" as seen in the video.) But aside from Michael's hate, Toby doesn't have the best of luck in the series.

So even when Toby is proven innocent, it doesn't end well for him. When Dunder Mifflin's HR rep visits the convicted strangler, he of course ends up strangling Toby. At least we know Toby isn't the killer, right?

Check out the spoof above.

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