Michael Blackson on Beef with Kevin Hart: ‘I Should Just Fight This Guy and Get it Over With’

Michael Blackson is ready to throw hands with Kevin Hart to squash their beef.

Michael Blackson is ready to squash his beef with Kevin Hart with a fistfight. The two have been at odds since Hart accused Blackson of posting insensitive jokes when he got caught cheating on his wife, Eniko Hart. 

And now that Blackson is bringing Hart's ex-wife, Torrei Hart, on tour with him, it seemed like he was ready to aim a few more jokes at him. TMZ caught up with Blackson, who asked him about his latest move. But the comedian assumed them that he's "just trying to look out for an old friend."

"We go way back. When I met Kev back in the mid-90s is when I met Torrei. We're all cool," he said, adding that he enlisted on for a few tour dates because "her comedy is getting better."

"She deserves it. She's been working hard for a long time and finally, she's ready to hit the stage," he explained.

But when asked about how Hart might feel about it, Blackson shared some harsh words.

"Nobody give a damn about no goddamn Kev," he said. Then, he brought up the idea of the two throwing hands to solve their issues. "I think I should just fight this guy and get it over with," he said, although Blackson admits that he's "lowkey scared" because "midgets hit hard," a dig at Hart's short height. Plus, he said Hart "stays in the gym all the time."

As for Torrei, Blackson explained that it's her time to shine and even revealed that she may have played a major role in Hart get his start as a comedian. "Torrei helped him get where he is," he said. "Torrei helped him write material, everybody helped him write material, everybody but him." Ouch. "And there's a shortage of comedy for females so I think Torrei will definitely be good addition to the rest of them." Well, that's true. Watch the entire clip above.

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