There Is Now a Live-Action 'Dragon Ball Z' Porn Parody

Porn parody company WoodRocket released a 'Dragon Ball Z' vers PornHub

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As Rule No. 34 dictates, if it exists, there is a porn version. And with a name like Dragon Ball Z, it was bound to happen sooner or later for the popular anime series.

Wood Rocket, a company that specializes in porn parodies, released a live-action one for DBZ, aptly named Dragon Boob Z. (Although, they could have kept the original title tbh). Instead of the classic characters like Bulma, Piccolo, Goku, Vegeta, and Majin Buu, the parody renames them with more fitting names like Ballma, Prickolo, Gokooze, Vageata, who wears a "Vagman" designed shirt instead of the iconic "Badman" one, and Vagin Buu.

But like any decent porn video, there's a storyline to follow. "When a strange breast-shaped space ship attacks the Earth, it is up to Gokooze, Vageata, Prickolo, and Ballma to take on the horny pink alien, Vagin Buu," reads the press statement of the porn parody.


The parody comes from the minds of Vuko and Brandon Graham, who are known for the porn parodies Dick and Morty and John Wank, respectively. April O'Neil, whose work includes Fap to the Future, directed the DBZeffort. While this isn't the first Dragon Ball-inspired porn (see: hentai), this live-action parody is still better than Dragon Ball Evolution—a movie so bad DBZ fans refuse to believe it exists. Although it missed the mark by not including Frieza, an androgynous character with a long...tail.

Dragon Boob Z is currently available on Wood Rocket and Pornhub for free.99. Pornhub Premium people can also take a look at a "very special DBZXXX Bonus sex scene" named Bulma Strokes Her Prickolo. Catch Dragon Boob Z's SFW trailer above.

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