Jay Ellis Says He Has ‘Not Shot Any Scenes’ for Insecure’s Season Three

Jay Ellis may not appear in Insecure's third season.

Bad news for the #LawrenceHive.

Insecure actor Jay Ellis stopped by The Angie Martinez Show to talk about his ambassador position at the American Black Film Festival, or ABFF, and of course about his role in the HBO series. But Ellis says he's been a bit "out of the loop" on the show. He also said that he has "not shot any scenes" so far. Full reverse, what?!

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It all started when Martinez asked him when the show's season three is slated to premiere and Ellis wasn't sure.

"I'm a little bit out of it. I'm not really...they've been filming for the last six or seven weeks or something like that," he said. But Martinez was adamant that he must come back for the relationship.

"I don't know if there is a relationship," he said. "There was closure at the end. There was like full closure." But Martinez was reluctant. "It didn't feel right," she said to which Ellis claimed, "they said bye." But as a major character in the first seasons, Martinez notes that Lawrence doesn't seem like a "character that's supposed to go away."

"Isn't that life?" replied Ellis. Tears.

But it seems not all hope is lost. Ellis says there's still a chance he could get called in to film. 

"I don't know. I honestly truly don't know. I might get a call tomorrow and they gonna be like 'ey can you come do this' and I'll be like 'Yeah I'll be there'," he said. But he revealed he hasn't filmed any scenes for the series.

Insecure's season three will likely come back to HBO this summer. Check out Martinez' interview with Jay Ellis above. The conversation on Insecure starts at 10:57.

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