Carl's Jr. Gets Into Twitter Beef With Warner Bros. Over Their 'SpielBurgers'

Carl's Jr. really wants Steven Spielberg to back their 'SpielBurgers' whether or not Warner Bros approves.

Just a few days ago, Wendy's dropped one of the hottest mixtapes of the year, We Beefin, with diss tracks aimed at their competitor, McDonald's. Now, Warner Bros. and Carl's Jr. might be the next to use their Twitter fingers.

In honor of Steven Spielberg and his upcoming film, Ready Player One, the burger chain tweeted that they'll be renaming their charbroiled sliders to #SpielBurgers.

"BIG NEWS GUYS!! As a tribute to the legendary director of #ReadyPlayerOne, we’re going to change the name of our Charbroiled Sliders to #SpielBurgers," read the tweet with an epic trailer for their new creation. "@StevenSpielberg hasn’t signed off yet, but we’re pretty sure he’ll be down with it."

While Spielberg may be "down with it," Warner Bros. is not. The film studio was quick to shut down the connection.

".@CarlsJr Appreciate the #ReadyPlayerOne love but this is not approved," read their tweet. But it didn't stop there. The Carl's Jr. tweeter asked for Spielberg's contact info so they could ask them directly. But Warner Bros. wouldn't budge with the deets. Carl's Jr. wouldn't let up and instead insisted that they would "catch up with him at tonight’s #ReadyPlayerOne premiere." 

Warner Bros. was ready with a vicious comeback: "Do you even have a tux?" Ouch. But the joke might be on them, since a Carl's Jr. rep actually showed up to the red carpet in a tux with SpielBurgers in hand. The famed director even waved in their direction.

In the meantime, they've been going heavy in promotion with the product on Twitter as well. Your move, Warner Bros.

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