Two Alabama Guys Accidentally Go Catfishing but With Actual Cats

Alabama cats are on another level, a level no common animal could ever hope to achieve.

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Cats, though generally regarded as charmingly evil by noted experts, are clearly on some sort of campaign right now. If the miserably clean cat suddenly learning to speak just to utter the creeptastic phrase "No more!" to an awestruck owner didn't quite stoke your cat fear, this should certainly do the trick.

When two Alabama fishermen embarked on their usual boat trip through what appears to be extremely gross water, the task of attempting to attain fish via wire and a pole was quickly abandoned in favor of bravely rescuing two eager kittens. In short, the first evil kitten swims to the boat to the YouTubed confusion and/or joy of both fishermen. Shortly after, a second evil kitten swims to the boat to further YouTubed confusion and/or joy from both fishermen.

Actually, no. Evil, they are not. This is fucking adorable. Cats are still everything. They were always everything. Welcome back, cats.


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