Cats, in their natural form, are charmingly evil. That caveat, after all, is a cat's main attraction to potential human companions. This is a cat's world and they're all just generous enough so disinterested in human activity they have no choice but to let us live in it.

Cats have even inspired some of the most groundbreaking free verse poetry of the century, including this untitled gem featuring the heartbreaking line "pastel goth / upside down":

Sadly, other areas of poeticism seem to be losing interest in championing the cat as their symbol for general aversion to a mediocre existence. Even the EDM community, now led by burgeoning DJ Zac Efron, appears to be growing beyond feline branding. However, cats don't give a solitary fuck about any of this. Cats don't give a fuck about this article, this website, internet fame, or brilliant lines like "pastel goth / upside down." Cats only care about humans leaving them alone, perhaps serving as the sole inspiration for the cat in the video above suddenly, gloriously learning to talk just to tell an overzealous bath-promoting owner "No more!"

Respect all cats.