'Black Mass' Star Joel Edgerton Discusses the Allure of Notorious Mob Boss Whitey Bulger

Dakota Johnson, Peter Sarsgaard, Rory Cochran, Joel Edgerton, and other 'Black Mass' stars speak with Collider about the mob life.

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Though Johnny Depp's charismatic performance as infamous Boston mob king Whitey Bulger is being hailed as a triumphant comeback, the rest of Black Mass boasts several career-best showings from a truly stacked list of stars. To give this fact its proper shine, our friends over at Collider decided to sit down with stars Dakota Johnson, Joel Edgerton, Jesse Plemons, Peter Sarsgaard, Rory Cochran, and Julianne Nicholson to discuss the dangerous though undeniable allure of Bulger's relentless path toward lawless success.

"The whole thing sort of feels like it can't be true," says Edgerton, who portrays former FBI agent John Connolly. "The guy was so bold. There was no mucking around." Edgerton adds that the stellar rise of a Whitey Bulger figure in today's decidedly post-internet landscape is relatively impossible, though the increasingly preposterous rise of one El Chapo provides a perplexing exception to that theory.

Black Mass is in theaters right this very moment, though you already knew that after reading our review.

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