T-Mobile And Sprint CEOs Had a Totally Adorable Twitter Fight

The two CEOs of those 'other' phone companies traded barbs in the most violent way possible — Twitter.

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As Twitter fights go, a quick trading of barbs between the CEOs of two mobile communications companies sounds like an outright yawn on paper. However, full-time T-Mobile CEO and part-time shade-thrower John Legere would most certainly never succumb to a yawn — particularly in the face of a self-inflicted digital hug-it-out with Sprint CEOMarcelo Claure. The exchange started innocently enough, with Legere simply @ing Claure and linking him to a helpful article. Claure's equally playful response included friendly, inviting sentiments ranging from "bullshit" to "cheap":

Sensing a kindred spirit, Claure decided to do that thing that everyone on Twitter loves — write a letter and spread it across a series of tweets:

Legere then moved in for the hug, even graciously referring to Claure as a member of his own family — fellow soldiers in the Not-Quite-AT&T-Or-Verizon Brotherhood, if you will:

Of course, these makeshift brothers have most certainly encountered the raw power of their unmistakable bond before — with Legere generally leading the charge.


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