A Preposterous Amount of People Think 'The Martian' Actually Happened

The whole world has gone meta, as evidenced by the surprising amount of people who actually think 'The Martian' is real.

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Though no one really bought into The Martian's proposed sequelStuck on Uranus, plenty of people are buying into the notion that Ridley Scott's thirst trap for science is actually based on a true story. Did the fact that a seemingly improbable amount of people actually believe that a Matt Damon-esque botanist visited Mars help fuel the film's hefty box office debut? While other scientific journals, including BuzzFeed, have previously braved this treacherous path of research in the name of science, let's conduct a very simple experiment of our own: scrolling through Twitter.

Thankfully, other members of the Twitter elite have slowly started stepping in to set matters straight:

Thanks for that, Liam. But let's go just a tiny bit deeper with our research:

Let's ask Matt Damon, just to be safe. Matt, is The Martian real?

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