Shia LaBeouf Spends 24 Hours in an Elevator for Latest Art Collab #ELEVATE

#ELEVATE is the latest collab from the LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner collective.

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As we wisely predicted on Thursday, the latest LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner collaboration launched early Friday morning and is currently very much in progress. Shia LaBeouf, alongside creative partners Luke Turner and Nastja Säde Rönkkö, is occupying an elevator ahead of an appearance and talk at the Oxford Union on Friday evening. The livestream, conveniently available above, has already featured some soul-touching encounters between the trio and some temporary elevator inhabitants:

The three frequent collaborators will occupy the lift for 24 hours, leading up to and immediately following their Oxford Union address. According to a press release, visitors are encouraged to pay the elevator a (free!) visit to "address the artists, the debating chamber, and the internet, so that their collective voices may form an extended, expansive and egalitarian Oxford Union address." The livestream will also be broadcast inside the Oxford Union's debating chamber.

"I always go into these things every time—and this is my self-hate at work—what if they light my hair on fire?" LaBeouf said in an interview with NewHive shortly after the trio’s #ALLMYMOVIES experience last year. "And Luke’s like, ‘Nobody is going to light your hair on fire.’ But this is a genuine fear of mine. I think people hate me. That’s just what goes on in my head. And all I want to do is be liked. Men, women, people don’t really want a lot. A person to talk to, and not have problems with nobody, I think it gets really simple when you get to the bottom of it."

Peep the full LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner experience here.

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