Seth Rogen Says Skateboard P Helped Him Reach 'Pharrell Level' for 'Lion King'


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Seth Rogen's Hilarity for Charity, hopefully, has already made its way through your Netflix queue and into your permanent memory. The special is stacked with guests—including Tiffany Haddish and Jeff Goldblum—and serves a good great cause, Alzheimer's awareness.

To promote the special, Rogen has been hitting the late-night circuit to tell terrific tales about the Rogen life. Naturally, this resulted in a return to Desus & Mero Tuesday night:

In addition to breaking down the origin of Hilarity for Charity and discussing that one time Snoop Dogg auctioned off a lightly used blunt for the cause, Rogen detailed how Pharrell recently helped him nail down some Lion King vocals. "He tried, man," Rogen, who's voicing Pumbaa in Jon Favreau's upcoming remake, said. "He tried. I did it one day and it wasn't going that well and then I came back the next day and they're like 'We brought Pharrell in.' I'm like 'Why? No!! I was like 'I'd so much rather you just brought in some guy, just some vocal couch.' I get it, I need help, but don't bring him in."

Rogen described Pharrell's approach as, predictably, "very calm." Ultimately, his presence helped Rogen secure the needed takes. "I did it for so long that I did it, and I think Pharrell helped," he said. "I sang the songs that I needed to sing. Pharrell somehow channeled me . . . He brought me to Pharrell level." Rogen was also a fan of Pharrell's comparison tactics. "He would try to explain it in different ways, 'imagine the notes are colors,' stuff like that," he said.


Catch the full extended version of Rogen's latest Desus & Mero interview, including the answer to the crucial "Will he watch Lion King whilst smacked?" inquiry, up top.

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