Seth Rogen Stars Opposite Himself as Grandfather and Grandson in ‘An American Pickle’ Trailer

Seth Rogen stars in this new era-spanning comedy based on Simon Rich's novella. As Rogen puts it, it's the "classic tale" of a guy who falls into a vat.

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Seth Rogen, fresh off issuing a series of commendable Fuck You's to racist detractors of Black Lives Matter protests, stars in the new trailer for HBO Max's An American Pickle.

The beautifully named new comedy marks the first original feature-length film to be released by the fairly fresh streaming service and is based on a New Yorker novella from writer Simon Rich. Brandon Trost, whose previous credits includes Rogen's This Is the End and Rob Zombie's Halloween II, directs from a script by Rich. 

Per Rogen, fans can look forward to the usual "classic tale of a guy who falls in a pickle vat and gets brined for 100 years and then wakes up in modern day New York," which sounds fucking incredible. Post-brine, Rogen's character—Herschel Greenbaum—is saddened to find out that the only surviving member of his family is a great grandson, Ben. Fittingly, Rogen does double duty as both Herschel and Ben in the comedy spanning disparate eras.

We first learned of this Pickle  back in April, just as a number of studios were starting to announce production and release days due to COVID-19. In the same day, Pete Davidson fans were alerted to a similar theaters-avoiding strategy for his Judd Apatow collab The King of Staten Island.

Catch An American Pickle exclusively on HBO Max starting Aug. 6.  Up top, watch the newly released official trailer.

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