Sean Penn Reportedly "Blindsided" Kate del Castillo With That El Chapo Article

The movie within a movie gets even more cinematic.

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The past few weeks have been, to put it as mildly as possible, a fucking wild ride for Sean Penn. Just hours after Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman​ was apprehended by Mexican officials after once again escaping from a high-security prison, a very timely Rolling Stone article was unveiled. That article, of course, was the culmination of Penn's super secret and inarguably cinematic meeting with El Chapo.

In the days since that article's debut, Penn has passionately referred to it as a failure, citing its inability to generate a larger discussion about the problematic policies inherent in our fruitless "war on drugs." However, according to TMZ's sources, fellow secret El Chapo conversationalist Kate del Castillo considers the article to be something far worse. Alleging that she's now in some sort of "danger," unnamed sources claim that del Castillo wasn't in on Penn's Rolling Stone plans at all. In fact, she was reportedly "blindsided" by Penn at the very beginning of their meeting.

Penn allegedly approached RS editor Jann Wenner after making contact with del Castillo regarding a possible El Chapo biopic, securing the documents required for legal immunity for himself and two others, but not her. The six-hour meeting, initially designed as a discussion centered exclusively on the biopic, was reportedly "hijacked" by Penn. TMZ's sources add that del Castillo believes Penn intentionally lied to her, insisting that she only brought Penn along to add some celebrity weight to the film discussion.

Sources close to Penn, however, vehemently deny this. They argue that del Castillo was not only well-informed regarding the development of the RS article, she even helped Penn fact-check and "signed off" on its publication upon completion. Adding that Penn never had any intention of entertaining the idea of an El Chapo movie, sources insist that the Oscar-winning actor was transparent during his journalistic pursuits.

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