Samuel L. Jackson Talks About His D*ck and Reveals What's in His Wallet on 'Colbert'

Samuel L. Jackson joins Stephen Colbert to discuss the finer things beneath the stars, like his dick and what's in his wallet.

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When pondering modern human existence's most pressing concerns beneath the stars, there is perhaps no better partner in revelation than Samuel L. Jackson. The Legend of Tarzan star stopped by Stephen Colbert's Late Show Wednesday to do exactly that, joining Colbert for an emotionally rousing edition of "Big Questions With Even Bigger Stars."

"I dabble in deepness," Jackson told Colbert before joining him on a presumably comfy blanket for a night stargazing and soul-searching. After presenting a unique theory on the evolutionary history of Australia, Jackson got slammed with a burning question. "Hey Samuel L. Jackson, I've always wanted to ask you this, what's in your wallet?" Colbert asked, referring to Jackson's undeniably dope Capital One commercials. According to Jackson, the answer is very simple: "A whole lotta money."

The two apparent friends then quickly resolved a spat about a reportedly dope unicycle before getting semi-religious. When asked about the Christian idea of Adam and Eve fucking it up for everyone by succumbing to Satan's so-called temptation, Jackson couldn't resist tossing in a quick Snakes on a Plane reference. "I've had it with that motherfucking snake in the motherfucking garden," Jackson said. Well played.

But then the revelatory discussion got really real. When talking about his legacy and which "part" he'd most like to be remembered for after he passes, Jackson quickly offered a fan-pleasing answer. "My dick," Jackson said. "But I'll settle for Mace Windu." Hell yeah.

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