Samuel L. Jackson Details Experience of Acting While Zonked on Acid

Doing many things on acid arguably makes them more enjoyable and, in many cases, more productive. Samuel L. Jackson explains why the timing of your drop is crucial when it comes to acting under the influence.

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For actors in search of an affordable online class that could potentially sharpen their skills, Samuel L. Jackson may have the answer with his new Masterclass course. On Monday, Jackson joined Jimmy Kimmel to discuss the class and how it compares with his own pre-fame educational experiences in theatre.

Asked to elaborate on the approach of the average acting teacher, Jackson characterized the field as firmly rooted in the general awesomeness of eccentricity. "I had teachers who told me things like if you wanna be great, you have to learn how to be drunk and high and still do the play because that's like all the great ones do," Jackson astutely explained. "So we tried it and we did it. You know, you drink a little wine, smoke a little weed, go on stage, and when you get through that you're kinda confident. Like, 'That was alright, let's drop some acid!' So you actually think that, because you know what's going on, you drop the acid, like, before half-hour because you know it's gonna be like two hours before it really comes down on you. You go on stage and you do the play, and when the play is over, you're ready to party."

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Occasionally, however, the art of timing gets fucked. See Jackson detail how he made it through performances during which the acid kicked in much earlier than expected via the videos above.

Anyway, if I've taught you anything during these past three years of Complex writing, hopefully this crucial bit of advice is part of it: Do acid.

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