Samantha Bee Proves That Getting an NRA Mascot Costume Is Somehow Much Harder Than Getting a Gun

Is it easier to get a used gun with no background check than to get an NRA mascot costume? Sadly yes.

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When Samantha Bee decided to get her hands on an Eddie Eagle costume, she taught the Full Frontal audience another valuable lesson about guns: they're still painfully (and terrifyingly) easy to get. "Who the hell is Eddie Eagle," you ask? The seemingly cute bird, for reasons not entirely clear, serves as the National Rifle Association (NRA)'s official mascot. Is it somehow easier to get a gun than an Eddie Eagle costume? Of course, fellow American. Of course.

"It turned out the organization that makes it easier to get a gun than Sudafed, makes it nearly impossible to acquire their giant dancing eagle," Bee told her audience on Monday. To prove that seemingly preposterous reality, Bee went through the 18-page application process before discovering the NRA insisted on a 20-day waiting period before one could don the Eddie Eagle suit. Simply buying some used Eddie digs? Strictly prohibited.

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After noting, as one might expect, that buying a used gun may be quite a bit easier than buying an Eddie Eagle costume, Bee then decided to do some quick experimenting. "You know what I could buy online without a big hassle?" Bee asked. "A used shotgun on from a random guy down the road from the TBS headquarters here in Atlanta." The former Daily Show contributor then sent one of her employees to buy the gun from this "random guy" in a parking lot, predictably without a background check of any sort.

Ridiculous? Yes. Scary? Double yes. Thankfully, Samantha Bee is set to keep providing weekly truth blasts for many months to come, as TBS recently renewed Full Frontal through the end of the year.

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