In a move that may very well ensure America doesn't collapse beneath its own political infrastructure before swiftly disappearing in a fireball of Donald Trump offenses, TBS has (very wisely) renewed Full Frontal With Samantha Bee through the end of 2016. The network secured another 26 episodes of the weekly truth delivery service, according to Deadline. "Stay crazy America," Samantha Bee said in a statement announcing the renewal. "I'll be here all year!"

The series, starring former The Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee, has quickly risen above the crowded late-night market with both stellar reviews and impressive viewership. In addition to 29 million YouTube views since its debut, Full Frontal regularly lands nearly 4 million viewers per episode across traditional and streaming platforms. "Sam has positioned herself as an essential voice in late night," Brett Weitz, TBS' EVP of Original Programming, told the Hollywood Reporter. "It's pretty clear she's struck a nerve and filled a void."

Weitz, of course, is very right. In a few short months, Bee has hit a wide variety of nerves in need of striking with a format that loosely resembles the comprehensive vibes of fellow Daily Show veteran John Oliver's Last Week Tonight. Bee, however, has taken that approach to new heights with blistering segments like last month's scathing eulogy for the Republican party:

So we'll keep getting more of that (almost) every Monday night for the foreseeable future? Good news indeed. Though Full Frontal is currently on break, that should give all the Johnny-come-latelies enough time to catch up on what is easily the strongest show in late-night.