Samantha Bee Breaks Down How Racism Won the South Carolina Republican Primary

Meanwhile, back at their respective headquarters, Cruz and Rubio continue to battle for second place.

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If the results of the recent Republican primary in South Carolina left you begging for some sort of international intervention, such as a friendly fellow nation like Canada stepping in and saying "Hey guys, you're doing a really bad job here," then Samantha Bee's words of wisdom on Monday's Full Frontal likely hit you right in the political feels.

"In South Carolina, Jesus slid on over and let racism take the wheel," Bee accurately surmised after somehow making it through a clip of Donald Trump's usual anti-Muslim rhetoric without giving up on the nation entirely and simply bowing out. In fact, Bee notes, a whopping 73 percent South Carolina Republican primary voters support the banning of Muslims from entering the United States. Sad? Yes. Tragic? Absolutely. Shocking? Sadly not.

Though Trump claimed victory in South Carolina with a ten percent advantage, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio immediately got busy pretending that second place was also a victory. However, for Republicans simply exhausted by Rubio's inability to realize he isn't Harry Potter and Cruz's general creepiness and Trump's consistent Trumpiness, some have started bringing up John Kasich as some sort of purportedly moderate alternative. Sadly, as Bee notes, Kasich wants to control women's "baby ovens" just as much as the next unconscionable GOP candidate:

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Thankfully, Canada has already stepped in to offer a place of refuge for any American with a brain should Trump (or a similarly disturbing figure) actually land in the White House.

Good looks, Canada.

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