Rosie O'Donnell's Response to Donald Trump's Tasteless Joke During GOP Debate Is Perfect

O'Donnell's response was a low-key death blow for the Republican saboteur, if life has any mercy at all.

On Thursday, the American tradition known by some as the GOP debate and by everyone else as the human circus by which all other societal travesties are measured took place via fellow human circus supplier Fox News. Many supposed quotables will be tossed around on Friday and throughout the weekend, but the main takeaway was the intellectually unnerving reality of Donald "Troll Me Harder" Trump's obvious commitment to remaining and continually embracing Donald Trump.

Though no one in attendance fully embraced their respective ideologies of ridiculousness by, say, whipping out a bacon-wrapped firearm (see: Ted Cruz) or wheeling out a hyper-realistic model of the Earth before soaking it in gasoline and lighting a match beneath a banner that reads "My Climate Change Policy" (see: all of them), plenty of head-scratching tomfoolery was had. However, one particular remark from Trump cut through the static to once again confirm one of our era's great unshakeable facts: Donald Trump is a fucking sexist asshole.

When host Megyn Kelly attempted to confront Trump during the GOP debate about his history of verbally demeaning women, Trump took the opportunity to dig up and proudly display his decade-strong feud with comedian Rosie O'Donnell:

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This, of course, follows a history of such remarks from Trump regarding O'Donnell. In 2006, Trump told Larry King during an interview that he felt O'Donnell was a "terrible person" due to O'Donnell's previous dubbing of the ill-haired Republican as a "snake-oil salesman" following the Miss USA Tara Connor controversy. "She's an extremely unattractive person who doesn't understand the truth," Trump told King nearly ten years ago. "I think she's a terrible person. She has failed at everything she has done. She's a bully and she sucker-punches people." Trump's tasteless joke during Thursday's debate clearly implies that Trump is far from a change of heart regarding his thoughts on O'Donnell, and women at large.

Thankfully, Rosie responded to the jab almost immediately and with an admirable eye toward simplicity:

Well done, Rosie. The best response to a Republican saboteur is to unflatteringly humanize them, only to watch them wallow in a series of non-responses and half-hearted deflections before the saboteur in question eventually switches to an Independent ticket or exits the race entirely under the unspoken promise of returning to the circus in four short years. Aren't Republicans *adorable?

*No. Not at all. I am fucking terrified, actually.


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