Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna Show Us Love Is Complicated in First 'Rob & Chyna' Teaser

Here's the first teaser for 'Rob & Chyna,' your new favorite show.

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Forget about the third season of True Detective. It's (hopefully!) never going to happen. But what we do have is this:Rob & Chyna, the hella hyped and inevitable E! reality series starring Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna. The series was first announced back in June and, as any avid reader will recall, has apparently hit a few production hiccups along the way. Judging by the first trailer for the surefire hit, however, nothing can stop the rise of ChyRo.

This first look at Rob & Chyna gives us just about everything we could ever want from a 30-second teaser, including a "Are you still texting bitches?" inquiry from Blac Chyna as well as a shot of Rob Kardashian kissing her pregnant belly. Damn. Isn't love cool? Chyna hit the 'gram early Monday to share the teaser and announced the premiere date.

Earlier this month, TMZannounced to the universe that Rob & Chyna had started hitting a few production snags due to some alleged second thoughts from Rob. According to TMZ's "production sources," Rob feared the show's success was "compromising" his relationship with Chyna and could destroy his growing family. Another report from Entertainment Tonight claimed Rob was just going through a "dark period" and had every intention of honoring his Rob & Chyna filming duties.

So, damn, who the hell do we believe? Well, therein lies much of the show's appeal: the thrill of not knowing.

Rob & Chyna premieres Sept. 11 on the beloved E! network. Cancel all prior commitments or risk missing out on the sleeper hit of the year.

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