Kardashians Reportedly Worried Rob Is Set for a Relapse Inspired by Blac Chyna

Early Tuesday, Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian perplexed us all with a joint selfie.

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The peaceful moment of utopian clarity brought about that perplexing Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian joint selfie has now been paused, as TMZ is reporting that the Kardashians are less than thrilled with Blac Chyna's influence on Rob Kardashian. As previously reported via a loosely connected series of news poetry, Chyna and Rob are currently in the middle of some conscious coupling. They reportedly live together. They hit the gym together. They're all over each other's 'gram.

However, according to TMZ's predictably unnamed sources, the Kardashian-Jenner fam is worried that Rob is on the verge of a relapse and they're blaming Chyna. On the same day that Khloe Kardashian allegedly booted Rob and Chyna from her house after finding them in the kitchen together, "someone in the family" got a call from one of Rob's former party partners. Sources claim the call, which reportedly took place roughly two weeks ago, was meant as a friendly warning from a now-sober friend that Rob had been calling "other party friends" in search of unspecified drugs.

Chyna recently endured an alleged drunk-and-disorderly arrest in Austin, with local authorities later searching her purse and reportedly finding a few ecstasy pills. Following her arrest, Rob reportedly drove more than 20 straight hours to Texas to rescue his new love.

Can we get more peace selfies, please?

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