Ray J Says ‘Straight Brothers Need to Show More Gay Brothers Love’ in 'Ray Pride' Video Supporting LGBTQ Community

In an extended video shared to social media, Ray J expressed his support while calling on others to be more vocal about their own, for Pride Month and beyond.

Ray J is seen at an event posing for the camera

Image via Getty/Thaddaeus McAdams/Ocean Drive

Ray J is seen at an event posing for the camera

Ray J shared a Pride Month message this week, notably calling on straight people to step up and show more support for the LGBTQ community.

In a nearly 12-minute video shared to Instagram on Monday, Ray J expressed his desire to sponsor “the whole Gay Pride Month and do Ray Pride.” He also urged greater widespread support while speaking on his own experiences with hosting and attending Pride Month-celebrating events.

“A lot of n***as that’s straight, they don’t be trying to shout-out to the gay community and all my gay n***as the right way so I gotta do it because I wanna make sure n***as know that I’m showing nothing but love,” he said. “We fuck with y’all. We have multiple businesses together. I’ve got a lot of brands. … I just wanna say that it’s Gay Pride Month, shout-out to all my gay n***as, shout-out to everybody in the LGBT community. I told my n***as that it needs to be more straight n***as giving love to the gay n***as. … It’s serious though. I got a lot of gay friends and I got lot of real n***as that’s gay and we make a lot of money together.”

Noting that it’s not “just about the money,” Ray J reiterated his plea for greater support while also urging those who are hesitant to do so to swiftly ditch “that stupid mindset” and move forward.

“Just look at the person and know that that person is your friend or your family. It’s just love. … If you on that stupid mindset, get out of it,” he said. “And again, straight brothers need to show more gay brothers love. I don’t know how it goes too much from the girl-on-girl side.”

Speaking more broadly, Ray J said his goal is for everyone to “come together in unity” and enjoy life together. He also gave specific shout-outs to Big Freedia and Mangina. See the full video below.

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