El Chapo's Prison Guards Reportedly Ignored Loud Hammering Sounds During His Escape

Several people were reported as watching their computer screens while failing to notice or outright ignoring what was happening in El Chapo's cell.

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Remember those guards that were reportedly too busy ensuring victory in their respective rounds of solitaire that they failed to notice the second prison escape of one Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán? Well, the latest revelations in the increasingly Oscar-worthy movie that is El Chapo's life suggest that they might have heard the drug lord's escape in progress and simply ignored it. Televisaobtained and promptly shared admittedly grainy video footage allegedly showing El Chapo cranking the volume on a "televisual device" near his bed before members of his team hammered a hole through the floor beneath the shower, previously noted as the only blind spot in the room.

Though local government had previously shared portions of the exact same CCTV footage, such excerpts reportedly did not include the audio of these "loud banging sounds," as noted by the Guardian. Both the government's hesitance and the legitimacy of the newly unveiled audio are reportedly still in question, as federal prosecutors did not immediately confirm the status of either. As previously reported, 34 people have been arrested in relation to El Chapo's escape, including the pilot believed to have flown him to safety after his admittedly luxurious tunnel journey to freedom.

As for the inevitable cinematic inspiration's current whereabouts, a recent report from New York Mag claims that local authorities now believe that El Chapo may have been relaxing in a secluded ranch in the Sierra Madre mountains as soon as last week. Upon initiating a proper raid, these same authorities were somewhat disappointed to find nothing more than a collection of old cell phones and various items of clothing.

Is this real life?

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