Cinemax Renews Robert Kirkman's 'Outcast' Ahead of Series Premiere

According to Kirkman, the series has been a "passion project" for many years. "Seeing it come together has been a huge thrill for me."

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Robert Kirkman, at this point no stranger at all to phenomenal success, now has another reason to celebrate his Image Comics instaclassic Outcast: the TV adaptation just got renewed for another season. Of course, as your palpable sense of FOMO just reminded you, Outcast's first season hasn’t even started yet. "Going into the first season of Outcast," we knew that Robert Kirkman had once again created a world that would scare us to our core," Kary Antholis, Cinemax boss, said in a press release. "But what he, Chris Black, and the rest of their team have delivered has exceeded even those high expectations."

As announced at SXSW 2016 on Friday, Outcast scores that coveted second season renewal pretty far ahead of its just-revealed series premiere date of June 3. Kirkman, who serves as both creator and executive producer on Outcast, described the series as a "passion project" to Variety. "Seeing it come together has been a huge thrill for me," Kirkman said of the ten-episode inaugural season. "What we’ve been able to achieve on Cinemax, with is unprecedented creative freedom, frankly, almost scares me at times."

Outcast, starring Patrick Fugit (Almost Famous) as Kyle Barnes, reportedly made excellent use of its source material and thus “shocked” audiences at SXSW, Entertainment Weekly reports. Given that the comic book series is all about the demonic possessions, the Cinemax co-sign of censor-free artistic utopia certainly bodes well for Outcast’s future.

"We believe our viewers will immediately be sucked into Outcast’s intense and creepy landscape, which is why we have chosen to pick up a second season," Antholis said of the network's confidence in Kirkman's vision. Given that The Walking Dead's home of AMC is apparently also quite keen on furthering Kirkman's vision, the reign of Robert Kirkman may very well just be getting started.

Should we expect a similar announcement soon regarding the surely inevitable Talking Outcast?

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