Robert Kirkman Regrets the Ending of "The Walking Dead" Season 1

"The Walking Dead" creator Robert Kirkman says he regrets how season one of the show ended.

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We're in the middle of the best season of The Walking Dead yet, but the show wasn't without its problems in the first four seasons. In an interview with THR creator Robert Kirkman revealed his biggest regret on the show. 

"If I had to do it again, I wouldn't have done the CDC episode [at the end of season one]. It possibly gave away too much information and was such a big change very early on in the series. ... I feel like there might have been a better way to wrap up the first season. It ended up being a fun episode. I love the character of Dr. Jenner and thought Noah did an amazing job. But there were things in that episode that I think seem very much not of The Walking Dead world."

Kirkman retroactively takes issues with the episode because it strayed from the comic books. Dr. Jenner reveals the French are still working on a cure, but in the comics Kirkman was careful not to reveal what's happening in the rest of the world. 

If we were to list our grievances with The Walking Dead this probably wouldn't even be on it. So Kirkman shouldn't be sweating too much. However, we would like an explanation for why he dragged The Governor along for two long seasons. 



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