Here's How the Show's Creator Would End the 'Walking Dead' Series

The creator of the 'Walking Dead' has an interesting vision for the series' ending.

Don't worry—the Walking Dead isn't ending anytime soon. On a recent episode of the podcast WTF with Marc Maron, Robert Kirkman, the creator of the Walking Dead, said he easily envision another 10 or more seasons. But when the time comes, will the zombie apocalypse drama end with a stunning zombie apocalypse bang? Probably not. Kirkman said he'd like the humans to wipe out the zombies instead. "The goal... I hope the Walking Dead goes on long enough that at the end, everyone is like, 'Good thing we took care of those zombies!'"

Kirkman said he's less interested in killing all the humans (Phew!) and more interested in exploring how those humans change in a post-outbreak world. "How do you continue to find food and shelter and protect loved ones for years and years and deal with the fall of civilization?" Kirkman asked on the show. "How does that affect you? The weak people get strong, and the strong people get weak, and people become insane."

On that front, the Walking Dead has delivered. So many there's reason to be optimistic about future seasons, even if they get a little outrageous in number. ("Season 16?" said Kirkman. "I'll be on a boat.") There may even be more spin-offs to look forward to, Kirkman joked. If Fear the Walking Dead takes off, "I'm sure that ... we'll do the Walking Dead: China eventually. [And] the Walking Dead: SVU​."

[via WTF with Marc Maron]


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