AMC Says They're Definitely Down for Even More 'The Walking Dead' Spin-Offs, Prequels, Sequels, or Anything at All

No such thing as too much 'Dead.'

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The Walking Dead, the occasionally frustrating though always compelling AMC series you may have heard a thing or two about, is definitely in no fear of slimming down its cinematic universe. Though Fear the Walking Dead, a very watchable spin-off that gifted the network with the highest-rated first season in cable history, is already out there spreading the Dead brand to the sunny streets of Los Angeles, there's apparently plenty more existential angst to go around.

Speaking with Vulture about how cool it is to be working at the network that also gave us Breaking Bad (RIP), Better Call Saul, and Mad Men (RIP), AMC network chief Charlie Collier and programming head Joel Stillerman revealed their excitement regarding the seemingly limitless potential of the burgeoning Dead franchise:

The answer is we are open to ideas that feel organic to the creators in whom we’ve put our trust. So if Robert had a world he wanted to explore, you can bet that we are not just leaning into that conversation, but we’re actively engaging in it. Right now we’re not in that conversation, and there’s nothing to report at all. I’m a huge believer in Robert and the executive producers of these shows. We wanted to create a place where they would bring us their creative dreams and bring us their passion projects. If Robert had another one, we would absolutely engage. This is a world that is rich enough to handle it. Right now we’re just focused on these two.

In addition to adding that the original series, the aptly named The Walking Dead, currently has no plans for an ending, Collier made a point to clarify that we really shouldn't call Fear the Walking Dead a spin-off:

We made a deliberate decision, which was to not spin off the series. If we had taken a couple of characters out of the camp and sent them on the road and followed that — that would have been a spinoff. We didn’t do that. We made the decision … to do a companion series, and, in fact, to show you what was happening in the world when Rick was sleeping in the original series. It wasn’t just, let’s do more for more’s sake. We waited a few seasons.

Both Better Call Saul, which may or may not be a proper spin-off, and The Walking Dead are set to return in February. 

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