Obama Predicts Hillary Clinton Will Be 'Excellent President'

At a news conference in Panama, Obama calls Hillary his "friend."

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At this point, I kind of wish the world of political campaigns here in the United States styled itself after the 2015 edition of the post-itself music industry. Instead of months or years of self-fueled speculation, prospective candidates would just tweet a surprise announcement or maybe even engage in meandering viral marketing. Alas, the ideal world is not the one we call home — we live in a world of predictions and blatancy.

At a news conference in Panama, President Barack Obama opened up about a potential Hillary Clinton presidency. Calling Clinton a "formidable candidate in 2008" and a friend, the president cosigned efficiently by calling Clinton a potentially "excellent" successor. According to AP, Clinton's campaign will likely focus on boosting financial security for the middle class.

Hillary Clinton is expected to directly compete with Mad Men and the MTV Movie Awards by making some sort of official announcement on Sunday.


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