Netflix's Final Season of 'BoJack Horseman' Gets a Trailer

The final two-part season of the critically acclaimed animated series will be released on Oct. 25 and Jan. 31.

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With its upcoming two-part sixth season, Netflix's BoJack Horseman is coming to a close.

The streaming service announced the conclusion of the critically acclaimed animated series about a once-revered horse Friday, complementing the announcement with a new trailer for the sixth and final season.

Part One of the final BoJack go-round hits Netflix Oct. 25, with Part Two slated for Jan. 31. Catch the trailer up top, ideally while bawling.

In addition to providing a reliable source of satirical incisions of the Hollywood variety, BoJack—created by Raphael Bob-Waksberg—has touched on topics including mental health, addiction, and general existential turmoil in ways most series (animated or not) have widely failed to do.

Rightfully, the show's dedicated approach to keeping the quality level high across the five season that have aired thus far has garnered the team multiple awards, including the Best Animated Series honor from the Critics' Choice Television Awards and multiple Writers Guild of America distinctions.

And, despite a set-up (BoJack is a horse, etc.) that may appear difficult for studio minds to fathom, Bob-Waksberg has praised Netflix for quickly providing support for his vision off the strength of a specificity-boosted pitch.

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"I pitched out the whole first season—episodes one through to twelve—to Netflix: 'We have a guy who's very funny and goofy, and we'll reveal this backstory where he'd betrayed his best friend and never got the closure he wanted on that," Bob-Waksberg told Complex in 2017. "'The end of the season will show him looking out over Griffith Park, where he's gotten everything he thought he'd ever wanted, but in reality, he's never felt more alone.' I think Netflix really responded to this pitch: to the specificity of it, that it wasn't quite like anything else, and that I was excited to do it well."

In other words, this is a remarkably unique and infinitely comforting series that will certainly be missed.

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