That Will Smithless 'Men in Black' Reboot Will Awesomely Feature a "Prominent Woman in Black"

Reboot fever continues, but this actually sounds dope.

Image via Columbia

Though Men in Black 3 is now a little over three years old, the divisive sequel still receives a fair amount of surprisingly dedicated hate. This, of course, is kind of a shame given the fact that MIB 3 is actually much better than the profoundly underwhelming second entry in the alien-friendly franchise. However, with reboot fever still very much in full swing, the world's opinions on the trilogy that made everyone wish they had the kind of friendship that kept Agent J (Will Smith) and Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) together no longer matter.

As previously reported, Men in Black is roaring back to life (without Will Smith and, presumably, Tommy Lee Jones) thanks to a push from Sony to deliver a recharged trilogy with new characters within the same general cinematic universe. Two short months later, we have a new batch of details on the future of Men in Black. Speaking with BBC, producer Laurie MacDonald revealed a pretty encouraging character decision:

"There will be a prominent woman in black in the fourth [film]."

Good news indeed. As for the reboot trilogy's current status of Will Smithlessness? Though his participation still remains pretty unlikely, MacDonald's husband (and fellow producer) Walter Parkes is apparently a bit more optimistic: "Never count Will out."

As with any Men in Black-related news, we most now conclude this post with a brief moment of appreciation for the inimitable Worm Guys:

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