Matt Amodio’s ‘Jeopardy!’ Winning Streak Comes to an End After 38 Straight Wins

Matt Amodio may have brought his impressive winning streak to an end on Monday night, but he's since earned praise from fellow champ Ken Jennings.

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After an impressive string of televised victories, Matt Amodio’s Jeopardy! journey has come to an end.

On Monday, Amodio’s streak of 38 consecutive wins (which also included 1,299 correct clues) concluded with an incorrect guess in the Final Jeopardy category “Countries of the World.” This was the clue:

“Nazi Germany annexed this nation and divided it into regions of the Alps and the Danube; the allies later divided it into four sectors.”

Amodio guessed Poland, while the correct guess—as given by fellow contestants Jonathan Fisher and Jessica Stephens—was Austria. 

“We have to say goodbye to Matt Omatio with an unbelievable 38-day winning streak,” host Mayim Bialik said after the marathon-ending moment. “That is one for the books. It has been an honor and a pleasure to watch you here. Congratulations! What a way to start the week.”

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During a subsequent backstage interview, available above, Amodio further reflected on what his wild run on the iconic game show means to him. Notably, only Ken Jennings has bagged more consecutive game wins than Amodio with 74 victories in a row.

Amodio explained that he’s indeed “sad” about the loss but also grateful for the numerous memories he stacked up along the way.

“I thought, at some point, I might no longer feel that joy but every single win was just like the first,” he said. “I got such happiness out of it.” Asked how he would be celebrating his 38-game winning streak, Amodio tempered expectations by pointing to the power of “a good night’s sleep.”

Meanwhile, Jennings said he considers Amodio a “fantastic player” who possesses the quality he most admires in other players: consistency.

“It’s so hard to come out and win day after day and week after week,” he said.

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